A Series of Shapes


An exhibition at Non‑Breaking Space Gallery in Seattle's Pioneer Square

Thanks, 2018, painted wood,

Mantra II, 2018, vinyl letters on life ring.

Tote bag for A Series of Shapes.

Installation view of the exhibition.

Installation view of the exhibition.


A Series of Shapes is a collection of artworks presented at Non-Breaking Space, a Seattle gallery devoted to exhibiting graphic design. For the exhibition, I experimented with basic design elements like form, space and typography to create a body of work focused on personal narrative and creative investigation. A continual theme of the show was an exploration of the ability of design to transmit ideas and convey narrative. Through various mediums and materials—screenprints, sculpture, collage, large-scale installations—i used the vocabulary of design as a means to address personal themes like history, memory, and self-reflection.