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A new innovation in the space of death care creates an opportunity for meaning and connection.

Printed envelopes as part of the Recompose collateral system.

Landing page of the Recompose website.

Spread from Recompose brochure.

Spread from Recompose brochure.

Icon and wordmark for Recompose.


Recompose is a company founded by Katrina Spade to offer a radically new approach to end-of-life disposition and ritual. The service gently converts human remains into soil and, when compared to conventional burial or cremation, emits less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere by one metric ton per person.

The process for building the Recompose identity system and digital platform was entirely guided by nature and collaboration. Recompose’s identity is a reference to family trees and root systems, the underlying connections and relationships that serve as the foundation for our communities.

I wanted every element of the Recompose brand to be tactile—to feel as if it connected to the organic world. This reference to nature informed everything from color palette to accompanying photography. I gathered and collected items from our local Northwest forests to create a series of intentional, natural tableaus captured by photographer Amanda Ringstad. These images are featured throughout the website, as well as in the physical and digital collateral.