Signal Architecture + Research

Identity, Print, Digital

A brand Identity for an architecture firm focused on research and discovery.

Letterpressed cards for Signal Architecture + Research.

Animated logo for Signal Architecture + Research.

Custom notebooks for Signal Architecture + Research.

Landing page for Signal Architecture + Research website.


Focused on connecting people with place, Signal Architecture + Research works to design inspiring places for humankind, drawing distinct influence of experience through materials, function, light, nature, and sound. Started in 2016 by experienced architect Mark Johnson, his new studio is based in research and discovery. Signal celebrates the human activities of a place through perception, the movement of the sun, and the passage of time.

The identity is based on echolocation, signals being transmitted and then being responded to, similar to the sonar projections found in the natural world. I sourced paper stocks and natural materials that were in line with the quality and detail Signal puts into the materials they work with. For the physical and digital components I utilized taglines to capture the essence of each project. I created a type system that allowed Signal to feature statistics for each project.